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The Ultimate Local Food & Culture of Chania

by Foodie

In this video I’m in the beautiful town of Chania, Crete. I’ll be trying out the different traditional Cretan foods and drinks as well as exploring the Old Town. A massive thank you to Manolis for a very fun food and city tour!! I highly recommend doing this experience when you’re in Chania, it’s a great way to learn about Crete’s cuisine and to get to know the city with a local:

– Malini Angelica

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Local Food & Culture of Chania

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At the moment we are in Greece. The food variety in Greece is so big. There is traditional food served in Tavernas and grilled food which is more like fast food eaten on the go. I’m going to do a little series to show the places we visit and the foods we try. We went to visit the famous Greek breakfast spot Bougatsa Chania.

What so special about this place is that they have been making bougatsa on a daily basis since 1922. Using only 5 ingredients flour, water, olive oil, salt, myzithra (local Cretan cheese) and rolling phyllo dough by hand. The place opens at 6 am which is when they start to bring out a fresh batch of bougatsa every half an hour until breakfast time is finished. It is recommended to eat bougatsa with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon, and a strong cup of Greek coffee. We had the most delicious bougatsa there and the service was brilliant. If you would like to visit Bougatsa Chania you can find their location on Google Maps here:

Bougatsa Chania +30 2821 043978 https://maps.app.goo.gl/vGcPUdUTAFDZm…

For the dinner we went to a place called Patridogeusía. It was a Sunday evening and many many restaurant places are closed on therefore we didn’t have much of a choice. But Patridogeusía was a nice and cosy. The food was good and the portions were super large. The service was polite and helpful. We received a little pots of panna cotta after our meal which was very nice. If you would like to visit Patridogeusía you can find their location on Google maps here:

Patridogeusía +30 2821 040555 https://maps.app.goo.gl/Uap2VBnnJUmt8…

– Explore_withEva
Local Food of Chania – Bougatsa

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