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The Traditional Cretan Mediterranean Food in Chania

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This Post is a Collection of Food Video Guides by Foodies on the The Traditional Cretan Mediterranean Food one can Eat in Chania

Chania, Crete is an amazing old town, that’s rich with culture, and has some seriously delicious Greek island food to discover. In this video, you’ll find some of the must-eat restaurants and street food stalls to try, if you love to eat, when you’re in Chania, Crete! Here are all the places featured in this Cretan food tour of Chania:

Μπουγάτσα Χανίων (Bougatsa Chania) – For breakfast there’s no better place in Chania to get started than this local spot that specializes in bougatsa, and amazing cheese filled pastry. You can eat it with or without sugar, both was delicious, but I liked it without sugar. Total price – 5.40 EUR for 2

Oasis – For street food, this is about as good as Greek food gets. Oasis is a local gem that serves Cretan Greek gyro pita, a spit of pork that revolves and slow cooks. When you order, you get pita, filled with gyro meat, seasoning and tzatziki to top it off. It’s outstanding. Gyro pita – 2 EUR each

Old Chania Market (Agora Market) – One of the many best things to do in Chania, Crete, is walk around the Old Chania Market, especially if you love to eat. I chose to eat at a restaurant called Αγαπήνης Οινομαγειρείο, that serves traditional Cretan food. It’s a market atmosphere, and the food is outstanding. Total price – 21 EUR for everything

Attractions in Chania – Agios Nikolaos, Chania Promenade, Lighthouse – In the afternoon I did some sightseeing in Chania, which is a very charming town. I would highly recommend taking the walk out to the end of the lighthouse. The views are spectacular.

Thalassino Ageri Restaurant – For dinner in Chania, we walked over to a restaurant called Thalassino Ageri Restaurant a legendary Greek seafood restaurant, along the coast, in an area of town with abandoned buildings. The setting is superb, and they offer a variety of seafood, including fresh fish catch of the day. We ordered a bunch of seafood, and enjoyed the gorgeous environment. Total price – 74.90 EUR

– Mark Wiens

Food Tour – Seafood & Gyros in Chania

Seafood & Gyros in Chania

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Foodie Video Guide by Mark Wiens on Local Traditional Cretan Food

The top reason I wanted to visit Crete, the biggest island of Greece, was to experience the food. Cretan food is known for its incredible Mediterranean based food diet. Even though it’s an island surrounded by the sea, Crete is such a huge island that it’s actually more well known for lamb and meat rather than seafood.

One day while my wife and I were in Chania, Crete, we drove over to a countryside restaurant in the mountains called Ντουνιάς. Immediately as we arrived, and met the incredibly passionate owner, and watched him cooking traditional Crete food in clay pots over fire, I knew it was going to be an incredible food experience.

Before eating, I took a quick walk around the farm, to see all the produce and animals they had on their property. The owner was quick to mention to met that it wasn’t just a restaurant, but a farm. Everything he cooked was from his farm on his land – the meat, the vegetables, the fruit, the seasonings, even the wine. Everything was local and seasonal. After walking around, I just asked the owner to serve me a few of his favorite dishes of the day. We enjoyed some incredible house wine, bread, and then mountain goat. Everything was purely delicious, seasoned with wine and rosemary, and full of natural Mediterranean heb flavors.

We were also served a few more Cretan dishes, all of which were stunningly good. My only complaint was that we didn’t plan to stay long enough. We had to eat, and then head back to Chania town because I had something else planned that day as well. It’s the type of restaurant you could go and hang out for the entire day. Ντουνιάς – An amazing authentic Crete food restaurant where everything is cooked in the traditional way by pure love. Total price – 34.90 EUR for everything Thank you for watching this authentic Crete food video!

-Mark Wiens

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Traditional Cretan Mediterranean Food

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