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USA’s Ultimate 50 Foods to Try Before You Die

by TravelFoodCulture.com

USA’s Top 50 Fair Foods to Try before you Die – The Ultimate Bucket List. Watch the Video to Learn More.

  • Fresh French fries
  • Sweet corn
  • Turkey legs
  • Sweet Martha’s cookie jar
  • Blue barn (buffalo chicken doughscuits)
  • Andy’s grill (waffle burger)
  • Dino’s gyros (Greek stuffed ravioli)
  • Pickle dog
  • Snack house (totchos)
  • Nordic waffles (mac and cheese waffle)
  • Big fat bacon
  • Super dog (mega dog)
  • Blue barn (Nashville hot chicken)
  • Hot dish on a stick
  • Meatball on a stick
  • Bayou bob’s (alligator sausage)
  • Deep fried dilly dog
  • Deep fried candy bars
  • Dheese curds
  • Hot indian foods (paneer pakora)
  • Oodles of noddles (Mac n cheese)
  • Southside steaks and cakes (cheesesteak)
  • Fruteria cano (pambazo)
  • Get fried (fruity pebbles po boy and deep fried donut)
  • Vandalay industries (fried PBJ sandwich)
  • Ruth’s tamale house (brisket brittle and taco cone)
  • Scrumbscious pie shakes (Texas Easter egg and pie shake)
  • Pizza and funnelcake fingers (funnelcake bacon queso burger)
  • Vandalay industries (fried coke and fried butter)
  • Southern fried chicken (fried gumbo balls)
  • Magnolia beer garden (pulled pork sandwich)
  • Stuffed wings
  • Ferris wheelers BBQ (brisket waffle fries nachos)
  • Dickel’s Texas smokehouse (fried bacon wrapped smoked quail breast)
  • Fernie’s (fried burnt ends burrito)
  • Hans Mueller Sausage (pork shot)
Top 50 Fair Foods

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