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The Ultimate Comfort Foods From Around The World

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The Ultimate Collection of Videos featuring Comfort Foods From Around the World

Public Facts About Comfort Food

Comfort food is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterised by its high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation. The nostalgia may be specific to an individual, or it may apply to a specific culture. The term comfort food has been traced back at least to 1966, when the Palm Beach Post used it in a story: “Adults, when under severe emotional stress, turn to what could be called ‘comfort food’—food associated with the security of childhood, like mother’s poached egg or famous chicken soup.”

Comfort Food Video 1- The Best Comfort Food in the World

The Best Comfort Foods in the World

20 Comfort Foods From Around the World

In a time when much of the world is facing lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, unable to see family and friends in person, many of us are turning to food for comfort. Different dishes are considered comfort food around the world, but they’re all typically high in sugar, fat, and salt. These flavours are key in not only making us feel happy but also in solidifying these dishes in our memories. Twenty people from different cultural backgrounds shared what their favourite comfort food is and what it means to them, and we looked at how their dish of choice is made.

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Comfort Food Video 2 – 20 Comfort Foods From Around the World

20 Comfort Foods From Around The World

History of Comfort Food

According to a research by April White at JSTOR, it might have been Liza Minnelli who used the term for the first time in its modern meaning in an interview, admitting to craving a hamburger. When the term first appeared, newspapers used it in quotation marks. In the 1970s, the most popular comfort food in the United States were various potato dishes and chicken soup, but even at the time, the definition varied from person to person. (Liza May Minnelli is an American actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer. Minnelli is among a rare group of performers awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT) )

During the next decades, the nature of comfort food changed in the USA, shifting from savoury dishes to sweet ones, while comfort food themed cookbooks started to spread and restaurants started to offer items labelled as such, when originally the term was used for food items consumed home alone.

Worldwide diet trends, emerging in the 1990s, like the low fat or the low-carb diet were unable to end the cravings for comfort food. According to White, the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 further strengthened people’s need for comfort food that evokes nostalgia and the feeling of belonging.

Comfort Food Video 3- The Best Comfort Foods From Around The World

Comfort Foods From Around the World

List of Comfort Foods mentioned in the above Video

  • Congee
  • Bak Kut Teh
  • Omurice
  • Spätzle
  • Cassoulet
  • Sopa de Albóndigas
  • Pasties
  • Colcannon
  • Frybread
  • Groundnut Soup
  • Poutine
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Shakshuka
  • Cheese Deung Galbi

Comfort Food Video 4- Comfort Foods from Italy, Indonesia, USA, Australia, Brazil & India

Comfort Foods From Around The World

Comfort Food Content and Timestamps in the Video

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:03 Italian Pastina
  • 04:13 Eating Pastina
  • 06:10 Brazilian Pao de Queijo
  • 07:50 Eating Pao de Queijo
  • 09:44 American Mac & Cheese
  • 11:30 Eating Mac & Cheese
  • 13:09 Indian Rasam Rice
  • 14:30 Eating Rasam Rice
  • 16:37 Indonesian Bubur Ketan Hitam
  • 18:03 Eating Bubur Ketan Hitam
  • 20:04 Australian Jaffle
  • 22:11 Eating Jaffle

Comfort Food Video 5 – Comfort Foods From Around the World

Comfort foods from around the world! from the mouth-watering Moussaka of Greece to the tummy pleasing Ramen of Japan, comfort food all over the world comes in different shapes, sizes & colours! Yet the one thing that’s common across all these mouth-watering delicacies is that beyond the tastes & flavours, the comfort they provide is unmatched & unparalleled. So, on that note let’s take a look at what earthlings from different countries & continents come home to.

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