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The Traditional Food of Venice, A Foodie Guide

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This Post is a Collection of Public Facts, Relevant Information & Foodie Video Guides about Venetian Cuisine (from Wiki & Youtube) that reflect about Traditional Cuisine from Venice, Local Delicacies & Local Street Food

Public Facts About Venetian Cuisine

Venetian cuisine, from the city of Venice, or more widely from the region of Veneto, has a centuries-long history and differs significantly from other cuisines of northern Italy, and of neighbouring Austria and of Slavic countries (notably Slovenia and Croatia), despite sharing some commonalities.

Cuisine in Veneto may be divided into three main categories, based on geography: the coastal areas, the plains, and the mountains. Each one (especially the plains) can have many local cuisines, each city with its own dishes. The most common dish is polenta, which is cooked in various ways within the local cuisines of Veneto. Polenta once was the universal staple food of the poorer classes, who could afford little else. In Veneto, the corns are ground in much smaller fragments in comparison with the rest of Italy: so, when cooked, it resembles a pudding.

7 Dishes Recommended by VISIT ITALY

7 Dishes to Eat in Venice

Typical of many coastal areas, communities along the coast of the Laguna Veneta serve mainly seafood dishes. In the plains it is very popular to serve grilled meat (often by a barbecue, and in a mix of pork, beef and chicken meat) together with grilled polenta, potatoes or vegetables. Other popular dishes include risotto, rice cooked with many different kinds of food, from vegetables, mushrooms, pumpkin or radicchio to seafood, pork meat or chicken livers.

Bigoli (a typical Venetian fresh pasta, similar to Udon), fettuccine (hand-made noodles), ravioli and the similar tortelli (filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or pumpkin) and gnocchi (potatoes-made fresh pasta), are fresh and often hand-made pasta dishes (made of eggs and wheat flour), served together with meat sauce (ragù) often made with duck meat, sometimes together with mushrooms or peas, or simply with melted butter

Learn About Best Street Food in Venice in this Foodie Guide by The Street Food Connoisseur

Discover the NUMBER 1 street food in Venice: Cicchetti, the epic Venetian version of tapas. These finger foods usually come as small slices of bread or polenta topped with local high quality ingredients. Venice is built on water, therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that the most traditional Cicchetti are with seafood: – Creamed cod on polenta (Italian: baccalà mantecato). – Boiled egg with anchovies (Italian: mezzo uovo con acciuga). However, I prefer the ones with cold meat cuts. You will find these delicacies at a Bacaro or an Osteria. Cicchetti are loved by Venetians. Thus, when in Venice – eat like a local. Buy a plate full of these and bring them next to the beautiful and scenic Venice canals… This will be the best food experience you will ever have. Venice is one of the top travel destinations in the world and therefore expensive in general. If you are visiting Venice on a budget, then Cicchetti are a cheap way of having decent meals. One Cicchetto average €2.

– The Street Food Connoisseur
Best Street Food in Venice

Public Facts About The Local Traditional Delicacies of Venice

  • Bigołi in salsa: bigoli pasta served with an anchovy and onion sauce.
  • Fegato ała venesiana: a high-class Venetian plate of liver, chopped and cooked together with chopped onions.
  • Mołeche: fried soft-shell crab of the species (Carcinus maenas). Mołeche are very valuable because the process of molting in the brackish lagoons only lasts a few hours, after which the shell hardens and the crab is again called maxenete.
  • Pasta e faxioi: bean soup with noodles (typically long pasta rough).
  • Połenta e schie: small shrimp from the lagoon (gray mud, gray-brown from boiled), fried and perched on a bed of very soft, white polenta.

Venice Food Tips by Rok Goes Around

Venice Food- Tips

  • Risi e Bisi: A Tasty dish consisting of a simple risotto with pancetta and peas cooked in a broth.
  • Rixoto de gò: Rice prepared with goby (of the Gobius ophiocephalus species), also known as gò, typical fish of the Venetian Lagoon.
  • Sarde in saor: fried sardines, dipped in partially fried onion in the same oil in which the sardines are fried, raisins and pine nuts (traditionally only by winter to increase the calories), other spices and sprinkled with plenty of vinegar. One leaves everything to marinate at least one night.
  • Sepe al Nero: Cuttlefish cooked with their ink lagoon.

Traditional Venice Food on a Budget – A Foodie Guide by The Endless Adventure

Venice Food on a Budget

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