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10 Best Things to Do in PISA – Travel Guide

by Foodie

Things to Do in Pisa – A Travel Guide

Things To Do In PISA, Tuscany – Much More Than A Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Tuscan town of Pisa received its world fame, due to one of the biggest engineering flops in history. But besides stunning marble buildings on its famous Square of Miracles, the rest of the town is also absolutely spectacular although often overlooked. Hi guys, my name is Rok and I’m a tour guide and I can’t wait to show you the Best things to do in Pisa, Italy.

Learn about Things To Do In Pisa – TOP 10:

00:00 About Pisa

00:30 Walls of Pisa

01:23 Lungarno

02:11 Piazza Dei Cavalieri

03:15 Shopping Streets

04:16 Santa Maria Della Spina

05:22 Museum Of San Matteo

05:57 Square of Miracles

06:12 Camposanto

06:49 Baptistery

07:37 Leaning Tower Of Pisa

09:28 Cathedral – Duomo

-Rok Goes Around

Learn about the 10 Best Things to Do in PISA in this Video Travel Guide by Rok Goes Around

10 Best Things to Do in Pisa

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