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The Lindos Travel Guide – Best Places & Things to Do

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Public Facts about Lindos

  • Lindos is an archaeological site, a fishing village and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Rhodes, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 178.9 km2. It lies on the east coast of the island. It is about 40 km south of the city of Rhodes and its fine beaches make it a popular tourist and holiday destination. Lindos is situated in a large bay and faces the fishing village and small resort of Charaki.
  • According to myth, Lindos was founded by the Dorians led by the king Tlepolemus of Rhodes, who arrived in about the 10th century BC. It was one of six Dorian cities in the area known as the Dorian Hexapolis. The eastern location of Rhodes made it a natural meeting place between the Greeks and the Phoenicians, and by the 8th century Lindos was a major trading centre. In the 6th century it was ruled by Cleobulus, one of the Seven Sages of Greece.
  • The importance of Lindos declined after the foundation of the city of Rhodes in the late 5th century BC. In classical times the acropolis of Lindos was dominated by the massive temple of Athena Lindia, which attained its final form in around 300 BC. In Hellenistic and Roman times the temple precinct grew as more buildings were added. In early medieval times these buildings fell into disuse, and in the 14th century they were partly overlaid by a massive fortress built on the acropolis by the Knights of St John to defend the island against the Ottomans.
  • Acropolis of Lindos – Above the modern town rises the acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. This makes the site difficult to excavate and interpret archaeologically. The acropolis has views of the surrounding harbours and coastline.

How to Get to Lindos from Rhodes – Learn Here

Learn All About Lindos – Historical Background of the Town, Acropolis, Local Culture and the Landmarks in this Travel Video Guide by Expoza Travel

Its unique location is not the sole reason that the picturesque town of Lindos has become known as one of the most fascinating locations on the Greek island of Rhodes. Its narrow, intimate lanes are flanked by centuries-old houses, the former residences of captains, ship-owners and wealthy traders. During the Ottoman period Lindos was one of the country’s most important ports and it still has a strong association with the sea as do the cultural treasures of this enchanting town. Lindos’ famous landmark, the Acropolis, is located above the town.

The Acropolis was important not only for those of ancient Greek religious belief but also for those of the Christian faith. According to legend the apostle Paul came ashore beneath the temple in 51 A.D. Its shoreline location as well as the beauty of the town plus its combination of medieval buildings and ancient ruins all add up to why Lindos is such a popular destination. Lindos was once a great maritime power that possessed its own colonies in the Mediterranean and the enchanting atmosphere of this special place can still be experienced today.

– Expoza Travel
All About Lindos

10 Reasons to Visit Lindos, Rhodes – A Travel Video Guide by Our Travel Place. Topics in this Video Include the Following :

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:33 1. Long Summers
  • 0:55 2. Beautiful Village of Lindos
  • 1:23 3. History of Lindos
  • 2:27 4. Beautiful Views
  • 2:53 5. Rooftop Restaurants
  • 3:12 6. Delicious Local Food
  • 3:53 7. Bars/Nightlife
  • 4:25 8. Beaches
  • 5:14 9. Location
  • 6:05 10. A Good All-Rounder!
  • 6:28 Reason To Not Visit Lindos
  • 6:49 Tips For Your Trip
10 Reasons to Visit Lindos

Lindos Travel Video Guide 3 by Our Travel Place

Join us in Lindos, Rhodes, where we show you the sights of this beautiful Greek village. We spent 4 days based in Lindos and in this time we had plenty of time to explore the village, climb the Acropolis, visit the beach (both St Paul’s Bay and Lindos main beach), try a number of delicious Greek restaurants, and visit some fun bars. We also managed to fit in a day trip to Rhodes Town, but this will feature in a separate vlog. Where possible we have also included information on prices to better help you plan your trip to Lindos, Rhodes.

The Lindos restaurants featured are:

Dionysos Restaurant-Meze , Stefany’s Restaurant, Oasis Restaurant, Nefeli Restaurant (beach bar)

The gyro takeaway featured was Estia. The Lindos bars featured are: Rainbird Bar, Socrates Bar & Yanni’s Bar

– Our Travel Place
Lindos Best Things to Do

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