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The Best Day Trip – Hydra, Aegina & Poros

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Discover the Stunning Saronic Gulf Islands of Poros, Hydra & Aegina on a 12 Hr Day Trip from Athens via a Cruise, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of these Islands by Immersing yourself completely in this magical island experience

It is possible to visit all three islands of Hydra, Aegina and Poros on a single day trip by cruise from Naples, Greece. Some Tour operators offer day cruises that depart from Naples and visit all three islands in one day. These day cruises typically include transportation by ferry as well as guided tours of each island.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore each island’s town, beaches, and attractions, and enjoy lunch and snacks on board the cruise ship. Generally there is a delicious buffet lunch with Greek music in the backdrop. Each island has its own unique charm and attractions, so it’s worth taking the time to explore each one.

Keep in mind that a day trip by single cruise may be a bit rushed (it typically lasts 10-12 Hrs), as you’ll have limited time on each island. However, it’s a great way to get a taste of the Saronic Gulf islands and see some of the highlights of each one in a single day if you are short of time. A brief description of each island :

  • Aegina: Aegina is a beautiful island located in the Saronic Gulf, just a short ferry ride away from Naples. It’s known for its stunning beaches, ancient temple of Aphaia, and charming town. Aegina is a popular destination for day-trippers, who come to enjoy the island’s laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty.
  • Hydra: Hydra is another island located in the Saronic Gulf, known for its car-free town, beautiful beaches, and tranquil atmosphere. The island’s town is a maze of narrow streets and alleys, lined with beautiful houses and quaint shops. One of the best ways to explore the town is on foot, wandering through the streets and taking in the charming architecture.
  • Poros: Poros is a small island located near the Peloponnese, known for its lush vegetation, stunning beaches, and traditional town. The island’s town is a charming mix of neoclassical architecture and narrow alleys, with a lively waterfront area lined with cafes and restaurants.

Learn About the Greek Islands Cruise to Poros, Hydra & Aegina in this Travel Video Guide by AbouTravel

Greek Islands Day Trip from Athens

One day cruise from Athens to the Greek Islands Poros, Hydra and Aegina, located in the Saronic Gulf, just about 2 hours from the Greek capital. The cruise is a popular one day excursion or weekend break. It lasts 12 hours and it can include a transfer to / from your hotel in Athens. You will board a cruise ship that stops at the three islands – Hydra, Poros and Aegina with free time to explore each of them. You will also enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and Greek music and dances on board. From the open deck you will have a great vantage point for seeing the beautiful Greek coast and Aegean Sea and also enjoy the sun.


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