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The Medieval Town of San Gimignano & Tuscan Vineyards

by Foodie

Ever look at a Florentine Renaissance painter and look at the landscape in the background? Curios about experiencing what the Tuscan Countryside is like? Craving to do a wine tasting in Chianti? Join Rob on this wonderful day of adventure as he takes you on a sightseeing journey of Tuscany and the famous medieval town of San Gimignano. He goes to a winery that is over 400 years old and then gets to taste delicious and unexpected flavors of Gelato thanks to the Gelateria Dondoli in the heart of San Gimignano. All this and much more awaits you on this TE Destination trip to the Tuscan Countryside. Andiamo!

– Through Eternity Tours

Learn about The Great Vineyards of San Gimignano & Tuscany in this Video Travel Guide by Through Eternity Tours

San Gimignano & Tuscany Vineyards

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