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The Ultimate Local Food Video Guide for Rome

by Foodie

Wondering what is the best street food in Rome or what to eat in Rome? Then this Rome food tour is for you! Today we will taste some of the best Italian food. Street food in Italy is incredible and in this Rome vlog I will share with you the best of Rome food and Rome street food like Trapizzino, Pizza Marinara, Suppli, Rome pizza, Porchetta, Maritozzo and so much more! This Rome food guide is perfect for anyone who plans to travel to Italy and visit Rome. Italian food, and in particular Roman food, in this Rome travel guide will leave you speechless! After watching this travel vlog you will know exactly things to do in Rome and what to eat in Rome, Italy. Best food in Rome is waiting on you! Let’s eat!

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The Top 10 Things to Eat in Rome – Locals’ Choice

1 A real espresso. And a very traditional Roman pastry… (00:21)

2 The mamma of all Italian food: Roman pizza, of course! (00:55)

3 Suppli: a ball of pure pleasure (01:26)

4 Fried zucchini flowers, to make your taste buds go crazy! (01:47)

5 Jewish-style artichokes: not-to-be-missed when you are in Rome (02:09)

6 Cacio e pepe, simple but tasty, and sooo creamy! (02:33)

7 Pasta all’amatriciana. The best Italian pasta is ‘bucatini’ (02:58)

8 Gelato, more gelato, and then? Even more gelato! (03:17)

9 Tiramisu: you have to try it at least once every time you visit Rome (03:54)

10 Cheese (pecorino, parmigiano, …) and cured meat (Italian prosciutto) (04:09)

A SPECIAL TIP on how to enjoy at its max your Rome trip (04:41)

The Top 10 Things to Eat in Rome – Locals’ Choice

The Best Local Food to Eat in Rome – Luke Martin

In this video, we are exploring ROME one last time before leaving for another city! We have a huge day of eating Italian food planned! We are starting the day in the heart of Roma, the Pantheon, to eat a typical Italian breakfast: caffe latte freddo, macchiato and a Sfogliatelle.

Then, we are taking you to one of our all-time favourite family-run restaurant: Trattoria Da Enzo al 29! This restaurant has the most traditional Roman pastas – we had the Pasta alla Gricia, Amatriciana, Roman-Jewish fried artichoke and wine for lunch.

After some sightseeing, it was time for an afternoon snack. We went to the Prosciutteria Trevi for a mixed board of cured meats, cheese, crostini and pickles. We washed it down with Italian Peroni beer, ending our day of exploring at the iconic Trevi Fountain.

Restaurant Information:

1 – La Casa del Caffè Tazza d’Oro (Caffe Latte Freddo 3.50 euro, Macchiato 2 euro, Sfogliatelle 3 euro )

2 – The Pantheon

3 – Trattoria Da Enzo al 29 (Artichoke Guida 4.50 Euro, Pasta alla Gricia 11.50 euro Amatriciana 12 euro )

4 – Santa Maria in Cosmedin, The Mouth of Truth, Altar of the Fatherland

5 – Prosciutteria Cantina dei Papi Trevi (Mixed Charcuterie Board 15 euro, Peroni 2.50 euro )

Luke Martin

Local Food in Rome

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