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The Ultimate Local Street Food Guide for Vienna

by Foodie

There are 6 Best Street Food Markets in Vienna. Each one of these is famous for their own stuff.

  • 1. Naschmarkt – Has a centuries-long tradition and is called the “belly of Vienna”. Famous for Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits and Lots of Restaurants. Over 120 stalls and restaurants offer an enormous variety of delicacies from the region and all over the world. Vegetables, fish, meat, spices.
  • 2. Yppenplatz and Brunnenmarkt – Located in 16th District. Very Vibrant Area with more than 170 market stalls between Thaliastrasse and Ottakringer Strasse is Vienna’s largest street market. Famous for Vegetables, Dry Fruits, Meat shops, Has best Lamb and Chicken Rolls in Vienna. Here you can get delicacies from all over the world, exotic spices and enticing fruit at reasonable prices.

Here is a Video Describing these Markets

Local Food Markets in Vienna

  • 3. Kutschkermarkt– The street market in the 18th district is known for its exclusive delicacies, the farmer’s market on Saturday, and its nice restaurants
  • 4. Meidlinger Markt– The Meidlinger Markt was founded in the period between the world wars and is still there today. Located in the 12th district, the market has retained much of its old flair. In recent years, the large, traditional selection of products such as fruit, vegetables and meat have been complemented by several more unusual stalls with vegan or gluten-free products.
  • 5. Karmelitermarkt– After the Naschmarkt and the creative Neubau district Vienna’s pub, bar and art scene has discovered the Karmelitermarkt in the Second District. The Karmelitermarkt has existed since 1671
  • 6. Rochusmarkt – A trade route passed by today’s Rochusmarkt as early as 1192. Today the Rochusmarkt is an important local supplier. It features not just many different food stalls but a striking number of flower shops. It’s no wonder, since it was originally exclusively a flower market. The food was only added gradually.

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