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Things to Know before you Travel to Rome

by DJ

Must Watch Travel Videos before you Head to Rome

Watch the Videos Below to Plan your Trip in the Best Optimal Manner and know things in advance about Subways, Public Transport, Airport To Rome Centre, Buying Tickets and Getting Around in Rome, About the City, Currency, Safety and Best Apps to Use locally in Rome.

Things to know before you Travel to Rome

Contents of the Video

  • 19. Intro
  • 18. About the City
  • 17. Map of Rome
  • 16. Weather and Climate
  • 15. Best Time to Visit
  • 14. Where to Stay and Price of Accommodation
  • 13. Lines & Crowds
  • 12. Currency
  • 11. Language & Expressions
  • 10. Time Zone
  • 9. Transportation
  • 8. General Information
  • 7. For International Travelers
  • 6. Safety
  • 5. Best Apps to Use In Rome
  • 4. Free City tours
  • 3. Rome City Pass
  • 2. Food and Drinks
  • 1. Best Free Views of the City

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