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5 Best Things to Do on the Greek Island, Hydra

by TravelFoodCulture.com

Things to Do in Hydra – A Travel Documentary by DW Travel

“Discover Hydra: The rocky, Greek island is a car-free haven surrounded by brilliant waters. Its cosmopolitan flair has attracted stars and artists from all over the world. Public transportation there means donkeys, mules, and water taxis. DW’s Theodora Mavropoulos brings you five things to do on Hydra ” – DW Travel

Learn about the Saronic Gulf, Greek Island – Hydra, a car free Island with Beautiful Crystal Blue Waters & only means of Public transportation being Donkeys, Mules & Water Taxis

5 Best Things to Do in Hydra, Greece

Things to Know About Hydra Island – A Travel Guide by Daniel Lugo

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:03 – Facts about the island
  • 05:39 – Beaches
  • 09:44 – Cats and Doors
  • 10:50 – Food, Food and Food
  • 12:49 – How to get to Hydra
  • 14:56 – Epilogue

Following Topics are covered in the Following Video by Daniel Lugo

Things to Know about Hydra Island

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